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    So after finding a rolling deal right after Christmas on BJJ HQ for an Isami @ roughly half price of retail I bought it and it FINALLY got here today.

    Wow! It lives up to the hype. I own a Mizuno Sempai, Yawara, Shiai, a Mistuboshi 510, formerly the Tiger Claw Japanese made Judo gi, a Killer Bee gold weave (uwagi only, great for the money!), formerly an Atama mudial #5, formerly some model of Lucki Gi, a panda 3.0 gi, a Gamness Platinum, a Fuji DW, and some other cheaper ones. The Isami is every bit as good as the Sempai and Yawara.

    The gi is lighter than the Yawara and Sempai despite also being a DW gi. It is uber soft. Construction is flawless. It just eminates quality and beauty. And the Engerish patches are hilarious. The pants are also great as well. Very well made and more inline quality wise with the Yawara pants (they are better than the sempai) than the Sempai.

    Theres just one problem.


    Im a short dude and 155 some lbs. The sleeve length is perfect, a little past the wrist. The length of the skirt is slightly longer than a BJJ gi but not the length of a Judo gi. The problem is I cant get the gi skirt to completely come across to the side. The label comes just past the belly button and a little more if I suck in the gut but it only helps a little bit.

    Considering this is a Japanese company I figured the cut would be a bit more forgiving in the mid section. I found out this is Choke Sports doing requesting Isami make the gi more of a "lean cut" than previously was more of a "Judo cut". So they basically traded what would fit a muscular or stocky dude for a fit for someone who is leaner because dudes whined about it. I do have a bit of a tummy, but I also have broad shoulders and a bit of depth to the chest. Other A1s like my Panda 3.0 and Killer Bee fit snug but I can bring the skirt all the way to the other side. So it fits very well. I think even if I lost the gut (which is hard to do at my age (40+) no matter how much I work out and watch food intake) the Isami still might not close all the way.

    The way everything else fits Im inclined to believe that if I go to an A2 it will be too long in the sleeves and the skirt. The pants would be up to my ribs.... But this is seriously the best BJJ gi Ive ever seen by far and comparable to the very best Japanese made Judo gis and even better to me as its not overly heavy, better mobility, and the tapered sleeves.

    So. Im mulling over what to do with the gi. Its so nice I don't want to return it, but maybe I can talk to choke sports and have them make a uwagi with the Judo type midsection fit and what not but that will end up costing over 2x what I paid for this gi. Maybe BJJHQ will let me trade the uwagi in for an A2 but it might be too big and they might not anyway because that price was only for an A1 during the sale. Decisions.

    Id suggest someone on the fence about buying this gi to pull the trigger. Its amazing.
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