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Is This The Most Exciting Time For UFC Fans?


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Jul 16, 2011
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With strikeforce finally closing it's doors, most of the big SF fighters have been signed or will most iikely be signed. We're finally getting what we got so excited about when they announced the buyout. Would you say this is the most exciting period for mma fans?

I never was a huge WEC fan for whatever reason so that merger wasn't as exciting for me.

I'd say arguably the biggest mma moment was the Pride buyout, but it didn't seem like it was THAT big for the ufc as a whole. we finally got superstars like Rampage, Wand, Cro Cop, Big Nog (although some of these guys came over a little bit before) in the ufc, but it wasn't an all out flood of Pride FC guys in the ufc.

When i think about guys like gilbert, cormier, jacare, barnett(maybe) and mousasi in the ufc, i think about how exciting it's about to get. not to mention guys like noons, masvidal, roger gracie, kyle, feijao(haven't heard much about him lately), thompson, etc. i think we're getting the largest influx of new ufc fighters maybe ever.

what are your thoughts on this and what are you most excited about regarding the flood of new faces in the ufc?
i think i'm most excited about melendez who's been a top lw for longer than probably every current top 10 lw.

followed very closely by mousasi. i could see this guy being champ in the next year. if he's really dedicating himself to next level training, he's gona be a problem for anybody in the division
For sure, Melendez was UFC ready about 3 years ago,now he's more than prepared.

WEC was still a big cross over also because of the lower weight classes.
No, Pride was more exciting buyout.
2013 will surely prove to us sherdoggers who amongst these so called "fighters" is overrated and who will be exposed.
Yeah this is nothing compared to the pride buy out. Not really excited at all, 1 or 2 good guys, no world beaters or argued world beaters. Pride was great Crocop, Shogun, Wanderli, Rampage, Henderson, that was exciting.
It would have been epic if all the fighters joined at once , but UFC already grabbed most of the top guys (Reem ,Hendo , Diaz)
Personally I was more excited for the WEC merger.

Bendo, Pettis, Cowboy, Njokouani, Aldo, Zombie, Faber, Pickett, Benavidez, Wineland, Cruz...

Not necessarily huge names, but great fighters, in their prime.

God I miss WEC, those shows were the tits. Especially towards the end. WEC 48 & 53 are two of the best MMA events you'll ever see.
2013 will surely prove to us sherdoggers who amongst these so called "fighters" is overrated and who will be exposed.

wtf? how are any of these guys "so-called" fighters? you sound like a dumbass