Is this healthy?



I get up at 5 to workout everyday. I shower and go straight to school from 8 til 1, i work from 1-10. I hardly ever have time to eat, much less cook healthy meals. If i do eat meals, they are usually not complete and balanced. Would i be ok just eating one good complete meal a day, and the rest of they day just take protien shakes, carb, fiber, cla..etc supps? Or is this a bad idea, i know its not a great plan, but thats about the best i can do right now.
I would advise you to carry veggies and fruits with you throughout the day to really keep the metabolism goin. (not the authority on nutrition, just my opinion) You also need to be careful not to detrain, YOUR BODY NEEDS TIME TO REST!
Terumo says eating badly is better than not eating at all.

But you need to develop a system where you pack some real food. One complete meal a day is terrible. And only one meal composed of real food is worse.
yea, i try to cook alot of real food on sundays so i can just pack them and eat them when im on the go and such.