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Is there a no gi instructional on no gi escapes?


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May 16, 2005
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Is there an instructional for escapes from common submissions? Nogi.
The names are crazier than 10th planets stuff!
I have seen the Cooper vid and it is not very good in my opinion. Really whacky escapes that maybe Bill can pull off because he is chock full of awesomeness, but most people will not IMO get to work very reliably.

You are probably best off going to Marcelo's website for a month or two and looking at his nogi escape clips.
That Gustavo Machado dvd is excellent, but it's basically a gi set. Not nogi.
Most fundamental gi escapes can be applied to no-gi. The more elaborate one's are a no go because they require a gi grip of some sort. Also,are you inquiring about no-gi sub escapes or no-gi positional escapes? Remember that the escape is in the transition. Once a sub is in good the chances of escape are very minimal,gi or no-gi.