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Is the flack toquinhos been getting a detriment to alan belcher?


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Jan 7, 2012
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I think alan belcher is the man.

but today palhares got a lot of shit for being mediocre, one dimensional, easy to finish etc. etc.

Palhares is probably belcher's biggest win as he caught him on a streak and it was a win that launched in to I guess soon to be title contention.

So does Palhares' loss take away from belcher's success?

I dont think it really does considering belcher beat palhares at his game by getting out of his leg lock
Let Belcher take out Lombard after Okami and you won't have to worry about it anymore.
No its doesn't because Belcher beat Palhares at his own game.
At this point it seems its more about the name that how good the fighter actually is. Besides he is fighting Okami who was TKOed by Boetsch then beat Buddy Roberts. Lombard lost a dance off with Boetsch then TKOed Paul Harris.
People forget he fought a post-Pride Hendo to a decision in just his 2nd fight in the UFC. Year 2008. Paul Harris was a tough guy
Not necessarily due to Alan basically beating Rousimar at his own game. Granted he didn't win with a sub but he defended Toquinho's signature move perfectly and give him that GnP.
No its doesn't because Belcher beat Palhares at his own game.


Alan showed he's matured as a fighter and is likely hitting that sweet spot in his career where his confidence and skill level are all intersecting at the same time. His ground game looked awesome but his general composure was most impressive to me.

It matters not if Pallhares stock dives a bit because Yushin Okami is as legit a gate keeper as they make. Thats a pretty serious measuring stick. Quality guys like Marquardt and Munoz couldn't figure a way around him.

If Alan does, he's got a legitimate claim to a #1 contender bout next year.
No cause Alan looked like a straight gangsta in that fight. He played with fire and didn't get burned. Then pissed on the fire and danced a little jig to celebrate like the pimp he is.
Mw is weak as hell
I think lombard vs the Belcher okami winner would be a great fight.
Beat him at his own game?

Did he leglock him?no.

Did he defend the submission, yes

It was the elbow and the gnp that won alan the fight.

Defending is not skooling
belcher just did the same thing nate marquardt did to him
Anyone who overvalued Belcher after his victory over a naive leg-lock freak, deserves to be burned by their analysis.
Palhares is a very overrated fighter. Hector handled him easily. Not a super impressive win due to his "overratedness" but good name & good performance by Lightning. Was awesome to see.