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Is Rousey better for ratings? [MMA fighting]

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Malthian, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Malthian Purple Belt

    Mar 17, 2015
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    Per MMA fighting...


    Interesting article. For a while people have been debating the value of Rousey in terms of her casual fan base converting to regular fans.

    The writer posits that because McConor's fan base is more likely to be already existing fight fans (or more educated fight fans), that they're actually LESS likely to convert to regular MMA fans as they would be already aware of MMA and more discerning in their tastes.

    Meanwhile, Rousey's fans essentially as new eyeballs to the sport would be much more likely to explore the sport further through mediums like Fight Night as they don't really know what they like yet.

    In other words, Rousey's fans are new to the sport, everything is shiny, they're not highly educated in the technicalities of MMA, so they're more likely to consume other UFC content regardless of card quality or previous conceptions of "star power".

    Is the generation of Rousey fans the new TUF wave? Or are they going to be more like the Brock wave in that they're tuning in for Brock but mostly moving on? Or are they going to be like niche combat sports fans that are just following a specific fighter that loses complete interest should they fail or depart ala Boxers?

    Some stuff to think about.
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  2. Syphilis Yellow Belt

    May 26, 2006
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    UFC 189 was one of the best MMA cards of all time. It's reasonable to assume that the next (few) UFC card(s) will receive a substantial boost off of the back of this. I can't imagine any first time UFC viewers watching this card and not being hyped for the next one (that's not actually true at all - I can easily see how some people would have found 189 too brutal).

    UFC 189 had the champ drop out and still did huge buys regardless.

    Many of the people I spoke to, who were excited about the Connor fight prior to 189 here in Scotland, were definitely not existing fight fans, as the author of the article claims. This is of course a very small sample size and doesn't necessarily pertain to the USA.

    I'm not saying Connor is a bigger is a bigger draw than Ronda, or vise versa. I just think it's not a simple case of comparing these two pay per views and declaring one a bigger draw than the other.
  3. Toothless King Brown Belt

    Dec 6, 2013
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    Costa Mesa, CA
    UFC 189 = real MMA fan & educated fan
    UFC 190 = Ronda's fan & WMMA fan & uneducated fan


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