Is Prince the Best Musican of the Last 30yrs


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Aug 29, 2010
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There have been some very good Musicians over the last few decades but I think Prince has been the greatest. He write his own music and play almost every insturment. I saw him in concert once and he played the piano,guitar,drums,and the Sax all in the same set. He was all over the stage. He is a musical genuis.



One of the greatest pannty droppers of all time.
I don't know about musician but he sure was a underrated basketball player.
Saw him at Rio in Vegas, probably only a thousand people there. He was outfuckingstanding and I'm not really into that kind of music.

Huuuuuuge talent. His Rave Un2 The Year 2000 is one of my favourite DVDs ever.
I don't know.
On a serious note, yes he is. Prince can pretty much play any instrument and can sing really well. He also is a beast in basketball and makes some killer waffles.
I'm a big fan....though I don't really go around telling people :D
From about 3:20 he just absolutely dominates. His guitar fucking evaporates.


The best? not by a long shot but he is underrated and a damn fine guitar player

It's these guys. But, mostly Sting.
The best? not by a long shot but he is underrated and a damn fine guitar player

So who do u think is the better?

Prince is a beast.

He was also one hell of a boxer.

Also Michael Jackson >
my sister was a huge Prince fan in the 80's. My one legged uncle used to make her cry by saying he was gay. I used to always get a kick out of how gotten to she would get over that.