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Is my running routine ok???


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Mar 13, 2005
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I usually do this twice a week on a treadmill.

1 min. 3.5 (mph)
3 min. 8.6
1 min. 3.5
3 min. 8.7
1 min. 3.5
3 min 8.8
1 min 3.5
3 min 8.9
1 min 3.5
3 min 9.0

Total time 20 min

Is this ok in terms of a HIIT program? Or should I shorten the intervals and increase the speed?

What is the incline set on?

Not enough times a week for this either.
it is fine the way it is however you should consider increasing frequency every 3 to 4 weeks

and yes you may also want to increase the intensity of you sessions by either shortening your rest intervals, increasing the length of your sprint intervals or increase the actually intensity of you sprint intervals
It's not okay without the incline setting.

Tread mills are not as hard as real running--only thing that comes close is to set the incline up.

And what do you do before and after this?

What are you training for?
agreed, what are you training for?

The intensity doesn't seem that high IMO, but it depends on your fitness level.
3 min@9 mph with a rest before isn't that strenuous, as said maybe lower the rest or increase the speed (or go for more then 3 minutes)
Thanks for the input guys. I'm not really training for anything right now. Just looking to keep my cardio up and burn some fat. I'm mostly a standup fighter, don't do MMA - although I truly respect and enjoy watching the sport.

I'll increase the incline next time, but I'll probably have to decrease the speed in order to get used to it.
If you want to burn fat--go slower and go longer. Be able to talk at all times during the run---
teep said:
If you want to burn fat--go slower and go longer. Be able to talk at all times during the run---

Wouldn't I burn muscle if I do a more prolonged cardio session?
20 minutes is NO WHERE NEAR long enough to build any real endurance

need 40-50 minutes once or twice a week at least

then on top of these, yes these shorter more intense runs will help
And what are you a bodybuilder? Muscle mitochondria will adapt to endurance.

I get paid to solve these problems so I won't go into much FREE details. It seems you do need the input of a PRO though.

Think about and PM me if you are serious about your development.