Is my hand broken? Please help!!!

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by RuDOWN4It, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Jul 28, 2004
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    I threw a hard punch about 10 days ago, and wasn't wearing any gloves. it might have landed wrong a bit. At the time it just felt like it was swollen, so i tried to ice it a bit. But until now, i see very little healing, if any at all. when i lay my hand flat on the table, the middle knuckle is obviously swollen, and it only hurts(alot) when i touch on the right side of it. But it doesnt bother me when i do anything else, like regular chores. But when i grip my hand hard, the knuckle really hurts. I havnt been icing it much, but i will do it more now. Do you guys think my hand is broken? and should I go see the doctors? any of you guys had similar experiences? i havnt seen a doctor yet because it just doesnt feel that bad, and all he is going to do is prolly give me a cast. And also its already been 10 days. Alright, thx guys, and happy 4th!
  2. Brandinho Guest

    Dude, I am really not trying to flame, but do not go to Sherdog for medical advice on something that is obviously serious. If it doesn't heal in a day or two, I would consider it a fairly serious injury. How do you know the bone is not healing improperly? How can you be sure there is no internal damage? You have that hand for the rest of your life. Go see a doctor. So what if he puts you in a cast.
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