Is King Mo Going To Askren Himself?

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by CageSage, May 18, 2014.

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    Way back when the UFC absorbed almost all Strikeforce fighters, most assumed King Mo would be coming along too but yet the UFC showed almost no interest in him. Zuffa actually cuts him from his SF contract after that drug test debacle and him having that scuffle with the commissioner lady. King Mo put up a front and acted like he didn't care and he then signed with Bellator.

    Now we see him in Bellator trashing his boss and acting like he doesn't want to be there(whilst putting on uninspired performances in alot of his fights) he going to end up like Askren where none of the major promotions really want him because of his of unlikeability, pretty boring fight style and just general negative demeanor? It's really hard to imagine that he's that big of a name where keeping him around really does all that much for them...thoughts?

    Also for the record I haven't seen last night's fight so I dont know if he was "robbed" or not.
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    He's not long for Bellator, that's for sure. And I doubt DFW would touch him at this point, and I doubt Sefo would either (yeah, I know he doesn't make the decisions but I forgot how to spell the name of the guy who actually runs WSOF and I'm too lazy to look it up right now.) One FC probably won't consider him to be as much of a star as he fancies himself at this point either. My guess is that he retires and continues his pro wrestling training. Maybe ROH will have some use for him.

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