is *Jon Bones Jones* more likely to win against Cain or Anderson?


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Jan 8, 2011
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Anderson possesses agility, finishing ability, a decent game off of his back but he can't compete with Jones' size nor his wrestling.

Cain possesses the strength advantage, possible cardio advantage and obvious size advantage but he can't compete with Jones' speed advantage and his lengthiness.

Which is the tougher fight for Jonny?
Cain, his wrestling can offset Cain's and then he can use his length and kicks to outpoint him standing.

Reem is much harder to take down and is a far better striker. Although if he can survive the first round with Reem and force him to grapple I think he can beat him as well.
Anderson, of course.
He's a lot larger.
You guys are dumb as rocks. Cain would pummel Jones. Jones is actually a bad matchup for Anderson on paper so I definitely have to say Jones would have better chances fighting AS.
It would depend on at which weight he fought Anderson.

Anderson would win if they fought at MW.
Anderson is the easier fight for him, probably by a fair margin. Size matters. Reach matters a lot in a battle of strikers.

And forget any notion of that fight taking place at MW. Jones would never sign for a fight at that weight, he is lean enough at 205 as it is.
Cain would be the tougher fight for Bones, as Cain would put Jones on his back where he is relatively untested, and use his strength advantage to good use with some brutal ground/pound.
I would say Anderson because he can probably take him him down and rough him up. He's not taking Cain down and Cain is much bigger and stronger.
Jon Jones has a better chance beating Anderson than Cain.
Anderson. Cain's wrestling is atleast comparable and he's bigger.
Holy crap. People really think Anderson has a good chance? Jeez... Jones would pound Anderson out some time in the third.