Is an "anabolic precusor" the same as an anabolic steriod?


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Jul 11, 2007
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precursors from what i understand lead to formation of the steroid. probably not as potent, but imo still dangerous to fool with

nevermind, i dont know jack about steroids, except dont take them (even precursors) unless you really know what you are doing.

i do know something about shady supplement companies however, and they will put shit in their supplements that are illegal to boost their products effectiveness. FDA raids those types of places all the time.
(ex. diets companies putting thyroid hormones in their pills, etc)

i wouldn't fuck with those things, especially if they dont come from a reputable source.
Any one used this? or this one My roommate has taken Powerdroll and saw pretty good results with that. Is this the same type of thing? An anabolic steriod? Do you lose everything you gained once you stop taking it? Now I am confused, I have been researching this, is an "Anabolic Precursor" the same thing as an anabolic steriod?

These are not even remotely comparable to steroids. They may not even be anabolic. GH precursors are garbage. Usually expensive and innefective. These have nothing but natural herbs and a few select amino acids.