Is a custom mouthpiece worth it?


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Mar 15, 2007
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I was going to get a custom mouthgaurd for an upcoming MT fight, but one of my coaches said it's a waste of money. He said out of all his years in the fight game custom mouth gaurds are no better than cheap ones and the only real thing that makes a difference is to clench your jaw on impact. Any experiences on this? I'de rather save the $$$ if he's right.
Er, he's not right.
No custom mouthguards are worth it. You never have to worry about the thing obstructing your breathing ever again. It will never fall out. Get one, it will last you for a lifetime and so will your teeth.
they are worth it. but they are very expensive. the best way to get one is to contact the company and tell them that you have a big fight coming up and if they are willing to sponsor you thus getting you a free custom mouthguard.
come to G&E.

custom guards > normal ones by far. boil and bite guards are a waste of your money, not the other way around.

I won't go into detail, but suffice it to say that a good, custom made mouth guard is one of the best investments any fighter can make.
custom guards are well worth it. if you get one, you will never go back to boil n bite guards.
custom mouthpieces are probably the most important part of a fighters equipment

if you have a boil and bite mouthpiece you might as well be clinching your teeth down on some tissue paper
damnit i been trying to contact this particular mouthguard company i hoped they didn't tank like protech.
A custom mouthguard is one of the best investments you could make. It protects your teeth, fits perfetly, and stays secure.
I have 4 of them from "Bullit proof" mouthguards and I love them all. I will not use cheap mouthguards again.
can you just go to your dentist and he will get a mold made and he will order one for you or how do you go about it?
hey jiu jitsu cop,
how much is a guard from belletproof.
i never got around to calling them.
thanx n advance.
Take a good look at what major proffesional fighters are using. All of them have custom fit mouthguards. Why because they do the best job protecting them.

No one making a million a fight is going to be wearing a cheap mouth guard its just too important. THink about it this way. What kind of gloves do big time boxers wear in the gym, I will bet you its not a pair of 19 dollar specials from the local sporting goods store. Why becaue they understnad the need to protect there hands and their sparring partners. Mouthguards are just like that.

You wouldn't expect a $10 headguard to do a very good job protecting your head would you. Can you over pay for a custom fit mouthguard, like anything yes you can however there are alot of companies that sell a great product for a little north of $100 or so. Thinking about it that is a real small investment long term.

Like Foz says go over to G&E and just search Custom Mouthguards. Theres alot of thread to take a look at and lots of opinions about what to look for in a company to do business with. My personal choice was Stars Guards.
I hope, and I've heard so.

Me and some guys at my gym got an order for 5 customs from Stars Guards atm! The impressions are sent so any day now!
Custom guards are the way to go, you don't have to necessarily go balls out and get a piece with bling-like fangs, but they're certainly better than boil and bites. I've had my dentist make several of my mouthguards, I couldn't imagine using anything less.
can you just go to your dentist and he will get a mold made and he will order one for you or how do you go about it?

I do. Not to mention, if I do it at the same time as I am having my teeth cleaned I can get my insurance to pay for it! And yes, they are worth it!
At this point I cant put any better what 15 people have already said so just get one.

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