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Is 2x a week for boxing enough?


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Jun 11, 2005
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Hi guys,

I'm a grappler primarily (BJJ), but I do know that a stand up game is a MUST , and therefore I'm going to train Muay Thai and Boxing. My school offers standup , and its top notch: www.universalmma.com

And my schedule is going to be this (on top of my BJJ) :

Sub Wrestling
Muay Thai
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
RPT Tues

Friday/Sat/Sun I cant really train because of work (which I will quit soon), so its just M-Thurs for me at the moment. I really want to box amature later on because I've done boxing before and I love it - sometimes more so than BJJ. Ofcourse, the road to Amature is long and hard, theres going to be shit loads of obstacles + training sessions to overcome. Thats why, after 4-5 months of going to Boxing at the school, I want to join a full time boxing gym and box there whenever I am not training Boxing/MT/BJJ at the school. So enough rambling: is it possible to train 2x a week (for now- till I quit work in 2 months) to progress at a good rate? BTW each class is 1.5 hrs long. Thanks. Once work ends though its Monday to Saturday.. if my school offers a class, I'm there. :D
2x a week is good progress ( Considering your schedule), just spend some time at home practicing on top of the 2x a week( shadowboxing,footwork). In the 2 months you got until you quit your job, you get back into the basics and once your job is done then you will see results for sure. Just keep up on it man.
I agree, you are doing good to fit in as much training as possible. at 1.5 hours per session you should progress fine. good luck going Amatuer
I'd invest in a heavybag for the house. Speedbags and all the other stuff is great, but you'll definately want to have a heavybag around. In case you rent, like I do...there's some great attachments at the sports stores so that you can hang a bag without drilling into the ceiling. If you own your home...just hang one in a nice open space. Just keep working on the basics until you join the boxing gym. Footwork and knowing the basic punches. Concentrate on form at this point...power will come later. Oh, and a jumprope will help train you to be light on your feet.