Int'l Submission Wrestling Assoc.


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Dec 19, 2005
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Just launched a couple weeks ago. First tournament scheduled for 4/15/06, look for more 2006 tournaments very soon. Check out our website ISWA
This looks AMAZING! Keep it up, and get some good sponsers! Give me a few years and I'll compete for ya. :)
sponsors are already being lined up with our first being doublesport
Very nice. You guys going to be holding any events in NH?
not this year but hopefully we will get one in upstate NY or Boston maybe.
Where is the next event?
shit this is great, i was looking for a grappling tournament in CA coming up and this definitely what i will have my eyes set on...
Yeah, please get one or two in the new england area. I hate having to wait forever for a NAGA tournament to roll around again.
THe rules are a bit weird....could you give a laymans version? If I have someone in full guard, we are restarted in a different position?
Yeah I downloaded the rules and it kind of glossed over the allowable holds.
well all i know is that all leglocks are game in my division (senior) so im good ;)
te rules look interesting. do you have any events lined up? where and when?