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Interning- Boss attempting to block transfer to other department

Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by MDWv2, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. MDWv2 Yellow Belt

    Dec 5, 2014
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    Back in January I started interning for a City's communications department. I write local legislators speeches and write press release to send to media that pushes the agenda my boss requests. I interned for 7 months, around 15-20 hours a week between school and my actual paying job. It takes two gallons of gas to get there round trip. I always hated it but it recently got unbearable so I tried transferring to the economic development department. The economic department said they would gladly give me a position and said they're looking forward to have me in their department.

    I assume my boss caught wind and he gave me a $500 dollar check (the first I've received) which he said is repaying me . I gladly took the check and continued working with them.

    4 weeks later, I got sick again of doing communications and marketing type work so I headed over to the Economic Development's director and asked him for an internship. He said he would gladly take me but he wants me to talk to my comm director to make it clear it was my decision alone and he didn't "steal me", even offering to go in with me to tell him but I said I can handle it.

    Well I go into my comm director's office and tell him I'm going to seek what economic development has to offer and I thanked him for the skills I've learned. He begins to interrogate me on what made me choose it, why I don't want to stay, and if the economic director fished for me.

    I explain it was solely my decision and I just want to see what other career paths are out there. He then proceeds to ask me to described my whole week schedule (interning, school, work) and says I can split my time between comm department and economic department. I say that I want to be fully dedicated to whatever department I'm working on to hold a bigger role and deliver my projects on time. He then disregards my words and tells me to talk to the other department head to see if we can work out a joint schedule.

    At this point, I'm going to tell the economic development director that he needs to talk to him because he's using his conversational savviness to change my words. He wasn't in his office so I ended up doing was sending the comm director a respectful email telling him I want to give my two week notice as of that day and thanked him again for the opportunity. I did it in this manner so he cannot disregard my words and so I can have my two week notice in concrete. The timing I wrote it was perfect because he was in the middle of a meeting and it was at the time I head out everyday.

    At this point, if he blocks my transfer I think I will end up quitting my internship. How do I deal with this asshole in a professional manner?

    -I intern unpaid for a city's communications department
    -asked economic development department head for an opportunity and he said he'll be happy to have me and asked me break the news to the comm department director that it was my decision
    -communications department director not happy about it, tries blocking my transfer.
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    Oct 12, 2013
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