Interesting UFC Story Line: Benson Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis.


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Nov 22, 2010
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So I was just thinking about how alot of fighters have come to as the top tier of their respective divisions.

I mean, there's old stuff like Chuck & Tito, Tito & Shamrock, Arlovski & Sylvia.

But current day, there are alotta fun story lines that came to that makes some of todays fighters interesting.

One that comes to mind:

Benson Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis.

Henderson & Pettis both dueled it out at WEC 53, the last event WEC was ever gonna throw again. Benson was looking rather impressive upon his rise to winning the title from Jamie Varner & defending it against Donald Cerrone to Anthony Pettis destroying everybody in his path on his way to the title. The "Kick heard around the world." sealed the deal for Pettis after a back and forth fight from 1st round til' the 5th and left him regarded as the last WEC LW champ.

Assured he would get the 1st crack after the UFC 125 duel between Edgar vs. Maynard, nobody predicted that, that fight would go to a draw & Edgar vs. Maynard resulted in being one of the top candidates for FOTY. Maynard almost had it in the bag & everybody was so sure Maynard would take it in a rematch. So Dana White awarded Maynard a rematch & asked if Pettis wanted to wait on the sidelines til' the Edgar vs. Maynard trilogy settled.

Pettis refused to wait for his shot at the title and decided to take a fight with Guida which was to take place in June at the TUF 13 Finale of the season that JDS & Brock hosted.

Meanwhile, a motivated Benson was brought into the UFC as the 1st bout on the debut of the UFC in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at UFC 129 against Mark Bocek. The fight was sort of even for the 1st round, 2nd & 3rd came and Benson broke down Bocek badly and secured a decision win victory over his foe.

Pettis fought 2 months later at the TUF 13 finale, everybody expected him to destroy Guida en route to his earned title shot against the winner of the Edgar vs. Maynard trilogy in which was rescheduled from UFC 130 to UFC 136. Pettis went on to lose the fight via decision due to Guida's continuous takedowns and staying in dominant position.

Pettis lost his shot at the title, meanwhile, Benson was scheduled to fight against Jim Miller, Miller was riding at 7 fight win streak coming into the fight who many claimed as the next guy in line to fight for the title because of how impressive his streak was in the endlessly stacked LW division. Benson went on to dominate Miller like no one ever has en route to another decision win.

Pettis' stock was lowered heavily. His rebound fight became a fight against Jeremy Stephens, a fight in which he dominated displaying his newly profound wrestling skills. That still wasn't enough for Pettis to secure a title shot. On that same card, Frankie Edgar went on to destroy Maynard in the 3rd match of their trilogy, all taking place at UFC 136. A contender wasn't clear at that point, Melvin Guillard who everybody touted as the biggest threat to the title and deserved a shot because of his finishing spree was embarassed by Joe Lauzon that same night in under a minute.

Then the UFC announced the signed a deal with Fox, and announced that in their debut they would have Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos as the events headliner. Shortly after that fight was announced, Benson Henderson vs. Clay Guida was announced as the headliner for the Prelims in what everybody believed to be the #1 Contenders bout for Frankie Edgar's title at the time.

Benson now had a chance to get a crack at the title, the only thing standing in his way is the Wrestler who dominated the guy who last beat him in Clay Guida.

Benson went on to win a decision against Clay Guida in a back & forth fight & what many consider to be one of the FOTY for 2011.

February 2012 rolls around, UFC 144, UFC's debut in Japan. Frankie Edgar vs. Benson Henderson as the headliner and also on that card there was Anthony Pettis vs. Joe Lauzon.

Pettis wanted to make a statement that night to ensure that he would get his shot at the title & Lauzon was riding high coming off the win against the hypetrain that was Melvin Guillard. Pettis went on to brutally KO Joe Lauzon at 1:21 of the 1st round. He definitely made a statement that night.

Benson Henderson went on to have one of the potential FOTY candidates against Frankie Edgar in a fight where Benson looked nowhere near damaged while the champ was left with a broken nose and a pretty messed up face in general.

Edgar went on to rematch with Henderson at UFC 150 in August 2012 in which ended up in a controversial decision in which many people believed Edgar had won. Henderson was gifted the decision, but he put an end to the reign of rematches for the LW title that clogged up the LW division of contenders.

Pettis never fought since UFC 144, sidelined due to consistent injuries.

Benson went on to headline UFC on Fox 5 in where he met the always game Nate Diaz. Benson went to prove everybody wrong in where they believed he would lose the title due to his lack of representation of his skills at UFC 150 and almost losing a decision to Edgar. He dominated Diaz from bell to bell, all 5 rounds, in which he was as close to finishing a Diaz brother as you could possibly get.

Anthony Pettis currently has a fight coming up with Donald Cerrone at UFC on Fox 6, in what many believe to be the next #1 contendership match up for the ultimately stacked LW division. Pettis seems to be as motivated as ever, and with Benson sitting at the top of the division, knowing he was the Champions last loss, Pettis is more determined than ever to show that he's coming for the title & show everybody that he can beat the champ again.

I swear, I love this story line.

Another story line that I think has potential is JDS vs. Cain & Jon Jones rise to stardom as of recent. What do you guys think about this storyline?
Pettis made a mistake taking the Guida fight, that was one of the most boring fight in UFC history! All Guida did was takedown then lay on top of him.... It's a stain.... But if he comes back 100% healthy he'll still have hard time fighting Bendo, Bendo is on fire now, and cannot be destroyed