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Interesting thing I noticed about bodyfat...



Any one notice how even after working out the fatty body areas stay room temperature?

I just got done with a 4 mile run and I've noticed the fat on my midsection is cold. No other part of my body. It's just the belly fat.

It's feels odd to exercise when a part of your body isn't doing a damn thing. I guess that's what happens when I don't work out for a few months and indulge by eating anything I can get my hands on.

Time to get back with the program and rid myself of the useless weight.
The body does restrict circulation to parts of the body if they are inactive.

So durring running... yup.
So do you just have a very large amount of fat at the moment? What's your posture like when you run? Do you keep your back straight and stomach tight? If not, try that, it should make the running a lot better.
Well the heat produced that warms up your body is created by ****bolically active tissues. In other words, muscles create the heat. Fat is not muscle, just storage for energy. So unless it's needed it's not gonna be making much heat and it's not to vascularized either.
I'm not a fatty by any means and my posture is fine. I have about an inch of flab on my midsection if I pinch my gut but I'm sure I'm still well above average.

I think the way that run felt has given me a better understanding for the difficulty (both physical and emotional) that obese people have when working out.

To exert every muscle and still feel like a large portion of your body has done nothing. And, to think about the amount of extra effort it takes to burn the same amount of calories that someone of the same size but having muscle instead of fat burns.

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