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Interesting opportunity.. give me advice


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Mar 27, 2004
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ok im a junior in highschool this year and i am going to be going as an exchange student to brazil next year.

Of course jiu-jistu is my main reason for going but i have always wanted to explore a culture different from my own.

my question was, what city do i want to live in? These factors come in to play

1. What Jiu-Jistu schools are there
2. Are americans accepted
3. What is crime like, is it really dangerous
4. Is there good schooling

My friends from brazil have told me that Rio is really dangerous especially for americans.

People have been recommending me Vitoria-ES and Sao Paulo but im just not that sure

thanks for all the help
I can't give you any real advice... but enjoy it and I wish I could have done that! Be careful... train hard... make good grades! and gain massive BJJ knowledge!

and get a hot brazilian babe...
The schools are open to anyone for sure

I know Gracie Barra, Nova Uniao and BTT have branches there

Crime rate would probably be similar to LA

I don't know of the schools there
make sure you watch the movie,

The City of God
before you go.
lol, city of god, don't say that :)

rio and sao paulo are the most populated cosmopolitan areas where you can find good bjj instruction.
its not a war but its more dangerous than the rest of the country. like it was said, be streetwise, don't look like a bloody turist and try to hand with the local crowd. Just like you should do at your home town.

But in other smaller cities you can also find great bjj instruction on a more cosy environment. For what cities can you go?
Go to Curibita and train with chute boxe for only 60 bucks a month