Interesting GIF of opening sequence of Reyes/Jones

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  1. Seems that Dominic shut down Jon's wrestling from the opening seconds of the fight.

    The fight actually starts in a very similar fashion to Conor/Cerrone (no coincidence, I believe) where Dominic immediately tries to connect with a straight left but Jones ducks under, and unlike Cerrone, rushes in for a takedown that Reyes immediately stuffs.



    There was another sequence in that fight where Jon reaches for a takedown. A couple of faints/non-serious attempts and one where Jon commits for a takedown but gets stuffed immediately.

    People don't acknowledge that Thiago Santos was also effective in brushing off Jones from grappling exchanges.

    Jon Jones isn't finding himself in striking wars because he wants to show off and play into his opponent's strengths- he's genuinely being rebuked and forced to stand and bang with these guys.
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    Jones wrestling was always based on his arms reaching very far away from his body.

    This style requires a shit ton of strength, it was possible when Jones was on the Juice.

    Now that he is semi-clean, his wrestling is amateurish, he doesn't have the strength necessary for this style of takedowns, can't even control a football player on the ground for more than 15 seconds ...
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