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Inspiration for no-gym training


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Dec 30, 2007
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So my gyms closed for the summer months and its time to take the training outside.
I need a bit of inspiration and ideas to get a neat routine going with the equipment athand.
Im thinkin three times a week since I grapple three times a week also.

The stuff I have include:

200kg tire for flipping and sledgehammering
Three different sized rocks weighting about 20kg, 80kg & 140kg
A pair of adjustable dumbells with the other made thick from the handle. Up to 60kg if I load only one.
Two pairs of "gymnast" rings (their smaller and made of leather coated steel rings).
Sandbag thats a bit too small or a bit too full, weighting some 50kg.

The possibilities are endless, and thats the problem...

maybe like this:
tire flips, sandbag tossing and sledgehammerin for day one
One arm clean & press w/ thick dumbell pullups and dips on the rings for day two
Rock lift & carry, dumbell swings, sandbag stuff for day three

any ideas?
I would use the rocks, sandbag, tire (flipping), and sledgehammer in a conditioning medley for some fun.
Ring skills are also fun to practice. Take a look at Welcome to Gymnastic Bodies Website in the forums, and look for articles by Coach Sommer.
Make a plan from your goals in the normal gym and from your grappling...

Basicly in that kind of training just be creative.

But some things that is good to focus on is:

Stone rows - sandbag shouldering - dumbell swings and dumbell snatches - sledgehammer swinging and so on...
...combined with heavy bw work like: hard pushup variations, pullups and chinups and pistols...

Cant really go wrong with that type of training.

Also why not make a heavier sandbag, like a 70 or 90kg, a home made medball, and a ghetto sled
All those things are pretty easy to fix and should give you even more possibilities...
last summer we did medleys like, tire flipp for 30 meters run back, carry rock for 30m, run back, carry sandbag for 30m, run back and toss a dumbell for 30m.
was tough.

Definately need a bigger bag, was dumb and bought two too small ones, navy sacks or something.

thanks for the link, looks good.

och jag tackar Krellik ocks