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Inside BJJ with Kurt Osiander on Lloyd Irvin


Inside BJJ Podcast
May 26, 2005
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Join Tim, Matt, and Ernest for another ridiculous show about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and life. The guys take on the big issue of the day
Anyone have cliffs? I am interested in what was said
ok, i thought it was only tim and ernest but i guess there is another guy.

whoever was doing the DJ impersonation was dead on. lol at "keenan is out raking".

and the lloyd impersonation was perfect

i thought kurt was gonna hang up when you said "alleged rape"


"if lloyd ever stops his self promotion for a moment". gold jerry.
why not upload to a different place instead of iTunes?

I hate using iTunes, all the sync crap gets on my nerves .

I would rather use PodOmatic so you can stream the podcast or even DL if you want.

I cant wait to listen to this- Always a pleasure hearing Kurt on the show!
As much as I love me some Kurt (no homo), he might have ALLEGEDLY toked up a little too much for this interview.
dont wanna DL, would rather stream

There's an embedded player right on the website. It's a big black rectangle that says "INSIDEBJJ" with play and stop buttons under the words. You'll have to scroll down below the links (iTunes, download, etc.) to see it.
I'm 2 minutes into the show and already hate the announcers too and came her to post about it bro
at what min does Kurt come in? I don't wanna listen to this rambling