inner tube for knee support

wiz cool c

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Feb 16, 2003
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Does anyone know the proper way of using a bike inner tube as knee support for grappling with a damaged knee? I herd this from my old judo teacher but lost contact with him.
^dude just buy some 15 dollar knee tensors at the store, or get some mizuno kneepads. Way better bet than using the inner tubes. Though you can always use the innertubes for some uchikomi ;)
i've seen this used. basically it does better at restricting knee cap movement than all the knee pads i've come across.

Get ready to lose all your leg hairs, though.
i have used a knee support you buy from the store for 4 years since i hurt my knee. Saturday my knee buckled and i'm scared it's not enough support anymore. Does anyone know the method of wrapping and tying the inner tube . thanks
The way I've seen it, you just tie it like a tourniquet right under your knee cap.

Personally, i've had cartilage removed from my knees and my ligaments don't restrict movement as much as they should for lateral movement. I end up using a light knee brace (so that I don't pull out all my leg hairs) and then duct tape my knees together using four strips. I create a diamond shape around my knee cap. I then do a complete circling around my thigh and calf in order to make sure the previous duct tape doesn't come off.

Others might have their opinions, but this works for me.