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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by trianglejitsu, Jan 18, 2013.

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    This is essentially my second adult grappling gi, following a Mikado single weave Judogi, and a pair of Keiko Raca pants. I ordered it because I had major problems with being tall and skinny and normal gi sizes not being appropriate. According to the size chart, the A2 T/S should fit me, and it does. I've got short legs, and wearing the pants slightly higher than I prefer to wear my jeans works fine, but I don't have to wear them as high as I'm usually forced to wear dress pants, so that's good. The jacket fits snugly around my torso, and the sleeves come right to my wrists, so they got the measurements right. The disappointing part is the armpits, they're too tight. They're not seriously restricting my movement, and it likely won't bother me much while rolling, but it is a bit uncomfortable and also a bit distracting.

    Unless it ends up stretching just in the armpits, and nowhere else, I don't think I'll be getting another one, and will be trying a different brand for my next gi.

    That said, the gi bag is nice, and I'm happy they sent a Bearimbolo shirt with it, instead of one of the other ones they have.

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