inflatable punch bag


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May 1, 2005
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has anyone here eevr used an inflatable punch bag. I have a proper one, but i was thinkin of getting an inflatable one just for my room, to punch here and there, obviously not to go crazy on or nothing.

I have seen that everlast do one, but it is only about 5'2. Anyone seen any bigger ones, or had any experience with them?

I have on from Bally with water in the base - not exactly sure how tall it is but more than 5'2'', probably around 5'8''.

Hitting full-force would probably tear it after not too long. It's okay for light 'shadow' boxing as it gives you something to hit and the movement can be good. Also good for things like punch-bob-punch, etc.

Another thing, because it moves away so easily, its good for making sure you are in range for the second punch of a combo - if you don't get in fast enough the bag isn't going to be there for you to hit.
LOL, yeah i thought that was the one. With it being that height, isit useful at all then?
how is the resistance on that, does it come back up fairly fast after a hard jab or a power punch or does it bounce back slow?
Well, I'm 6'4'' and I find it OK - I might crouch more than I realize. At least it is a supplement to a 'real' heavybag and shadowboxing. I go pretty light on it, working speed, and it tips about 20-45 degrees and comes back fast. After a power punch, if it tips close to the floor it definetly comes back slow. I have mine about 3 feet away from a wall, so it never gets too far away from me.

One of the nice things about it is that it does move around. If you lead with a hook, it will tip away from you on an angle unlike a heavybag (but maybe like someone who is trying to evade your hook and sidestep you).

Given a choice I would definetly opt for a nice hanging heavybag, but I think its better than nothing.

I have this plus a Wavemaster and still shadowbox and use a heavybag whenever I can access one.
Those bags are great for aerobic exercise.

The only downside would be that you can't feel your punches IMO. That's one thing that I love about my thai bag, specially after a rough day.
Inflatable bag?? I don't know if that would be worth a damm. The whole point of hitting a heavy bag is to increaes you strength and power through resistance. I guess of you were trying to work on you hand speed, this inflatable bag might have a purpose. .