Incredibly Epic Chan Sung Jung / Korean Zombie hype video

it's a good vid, i wouldn't call it incredibly epic in my opinion
i think of this when i think epic

Maybe it's just me, but he looks skinny next to Aldo and the big FWs, doesn't he? I realize he's taller than Aldo, but still, he looks like he could add some 10lbs of solidness.
I love the Cranberries
Decent, I guess. Could've been half the length and still made it's point.
That was a great fight; I wish I could have seen some more than 20 seconds of it rather than 4:40 of walking around and shadowboxing.
It's a 5 minutes video with 10 seconds of actual fight.
a bit too long and drawn out especially when its only one fight being showcased...
I thought that video was really bad. More than half the video was him walking into the ring and another fraction was it showing him standing in the ring, zooming out then zooming back into the ring again. A small fraction was him running around again in the gym and then it finally gets to him choking out one guy. Didn't hype me up at all, nearly put me to sleep though lol
Waist of my time, worst highlight ive seen in a long while... Normally highlight you know show highlights of fights... More than one of them.
Epic Bendo and KZ moment. Eye to eye bromance

Waaaaaay to much dead time needed to escalate way quicker!