increasing weights per set


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Sep 9, 2005
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for supplemental exercises such as rows and triceps extensions, do you increase the weight every set? or do you keep a constant weight?
I keep a constant weight. I also keep a journal and record what I did the last time I did that exercise. For exercises I consider staples of a workout, like rows or close grip bp, I'll increase the weight maybe 5-10 lbs every 3 workouts.
I only increase weight if i find that the weight i started with is too low for that exercise, I try to stay around 6-8 reps for most assisstance exercises.
I've been doing 5's and 6's for my assistance work for 3-4 sets with increasing weight.....
I use a constant weight and adjust the reps accordingly. However, if the weight feels really light during my first couple of sets, I'll add a few pounds to the bar.
depends on the exercise. for deadlifts and squats, I'll usually increase the weight each set, or increase for the first 2-4 sets and then stay at one level for the rest. For presses, I usually just jump into a weight I think will work and leave it at that. and for oly movments I'll work up to a max, drop down to 90% or so and do a bunch of singles.
ok good ive been doing that. so for pl's like benching, it's fine to lower the weights of the last two sets or so? or would it be better to just keep increasing til the last set?
if im trying to max out i do sets of 3 and increase the weight every set but i usually keep constant or lower the weight per set