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Jan 10, 2005
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anyone knoe any drills on how to improve punching power?
i usually use one round everyday hitting the 300 pound bag i got at my gym. i dont care about speed on this one, just give everything i got n try to break the bag. works pretty good for me.
Just train. Do bagwork and focus mitt training to develop punching muscles and improve the ease and fluidity of your punches. And do so under the eye of someone who can spot flaws with your technique and offer advice and/or solutions.
Tyson acredited his punching power to the bags he used. He got a 100 lb bag or so, and used that until he could move it around all day with his punches, than he got a bigger bag, and worked on that till he could move that one around. He did this till he was smacking around bags that noone else could budge. Also, the best technique tester for power is seeing how much the bag moves. If you hit it one way and the bag kinda mmoves, than you try something that makes it move even more, you know you just did something better and more forceful. And make sure when hitting the bag for power, you dont want to get the bag swinging by hitting it. You actually want the bag to bend in half, that shows isolated force, which is knockout force. Would you rather have a guy throw a big rock at your chest full power, or have him shoot a baseball out of a gun, thats the kind of difference in power you must learn to generate.
Heavy bag (if you push your punches and see it move, don't think "OMG I'm the shit", you're doing it wrong)
Hitting Mitts w weighted gloves
shadowboxing w weighted gloves
skipping rope w attached weights

And if you're willing to experiment, stay off the weights for a while and do bodyweight exercises, explosive push-ups, or try to alter your bodyweight from one side to the other ex. more bodyweight on your right hand then to the left alternatively for each pushup.

If you're not, lay on a bench and use dumbells to simulate punches.
The key is explosiveness, not going too heavy.

The guy in my avatar (Mike Zambidis), the most lethal KO puncher in K-1 max, when asked on the subject suggested lifting heavy weights like up until two months before a fight and then cut it off to work bag, mitts etc. He will even cut off the heavy bag a week before the fight to not hinder his speed.
it all comes from variety.

First work technique very hard, ie lots of shadowboxing i find really helps, whenever you are fuckin walking around , near a mirror whatever, pop out a few combos bob and weave, sounds stupid but i do it and it keeps me sharp.

Use a heavy jump rope and rope as fast as you can for minute long intervals and go hard on the focus mitts, do med ball passes and clap pushups........this will all build really good speed

Do compound lifts heavy, such as squats , deads, dips, militaries, cleans...overhead squats.. and hit the bag HARD (ie follow king kabukis hb routine).....this will build strength.

Now combine all those sequences of training and you will hit like a fuckin truck.
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