In the Process of putting on a lot of heavy weight.



Hey guys, let me start this off by saying i've always been really really skinny. In Grade 12, a year ago, i walked around at 6"2 155, also known as the mighty skeletor. So in the past six months, i've decided to work out and bulk to the extreme, so i've been eating 5-6 meals a day, and not just lean protein, just been eating anything and everything, as well as lots of pushups and weight lifting and squats.

glad to say i'm up to 175. Am looking kinda skinny but a little filled in now.

Am aiming for 195 in the next few months, and think it will be pretty easy. My body is pretty receptive to all this, it just takes a lot out of me and makes me tired.
someone's been eating their corned beef hash. good for you, glad to hear things are working out for you

+1 on posting your routine and diet
Awesome. What's your workouts look like?

well every night i can't make it to the gym i just do a shitload of pushups before bed and then keep eating.

At the Gym i grab some weight and Squat first and foremost, i do dips and chinups. I bench press. I don't do any of those complicated machines or whatever cuz i don't know too much about them, and i've heard that you're supposed to keep your workout as natural as possible, with simple weights,dips,etc.

I don't take any supplements, just eat a lot and often, since i don't really need much tone, i'm skinny.
it's great that your squatting, but you also need to start deadlifting

you should also try to get a set gym schedule. if your really serious then there won't be night where you can't make it to the gym.

read carnal's treatise
start one of the programs in the faq
I think you might be a mod gimmick. If no, congratulations on your training philosophy.
What is the difference between a lot of heavy weight and a lot of light weight?
What is the difference between a lot of heavy weight and a lot of light weight?

Did you even think this out?

1000lbs of steel is alot of heavy weight, where a 1000lbs of feathers is alot of light weight...

moron :rolleyes:

whole milk

must be fun being that skinny and needing to gain weight

i would have a field day

- ATG Backsquats 1x20 [add 5 lbs each session]

- Pullovers 1x20

- Dips
- Pullups
- Weighted Abs
- 3x10 [as a circuit]


- ATG Backsquats 1x20 [add 5 lbs each session]

- Pullovers 1x20

- Benchpress
- Bent over rows
- weighted Abs
- 3x10 [as a circuit]

Train 3 times per week. Alternate between A and B. Eat and drink a lot.
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photographic evidence
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