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In 2011 we had the fight of the year on the first PPV..2012 KO of the year on 1st PPV

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May 11, 2008
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Does anyone think the trend will continue? How crazy would it be if we got the submission of the year on the first PPV....the first card isn't until Feb 2nd well PPV card but still there's a good bit of Potential for a fight of the year....KO of the year or Sub of the year on that card assuming it stays together....what cha all think? I highly doubt it will happen on Feb 2nd but you never know....any ideas on the Feb 2nd card as to what might go down as a whichever of the year? or even the cards in January? Cheers guys....
any of the top 5 fights could win OTY honors:

Edgar Aldo
Reem Bigfoot
Shad Lil Nog
Fitch Maia
McCall Benevidez

at the same time all 5 could suck...

Only thinking this because of the number of fights i've been psyched for that have disappointed. I've made it a must to watch undercards to make sure I have good fights (the undercard at 155 was insane)
Aldo/Edgar could be FOTY or KOTY. Fitch/Maia could be SOTY. Reem/Big Foot could be KOTY also. All I know is that this event will be epic. Aldo/Edgar is a fight that CANNOT disappoint.
Im hoping for KO of the year on Jan. 19th. :icon_chee
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If i ever see this I'll jizz in my pants. In fact i would have done it harder if i hadn't got a glimpse of what could be...

If theres any fight on this card that might be FOTY I would probably say Aldo vs Edgar. But I gotta say I think Ufc on Fuel takes it. Rampage takes KO of the year and Pettis vs Cerrone takes best fight of the year.
Aldo Edgar FOTY? On paper it looks great, and could definitely contain a come from behind win for Edgar.
Fitch catches Maia and puts him out with a front headlock for SOTY.
156 could go down as one of the best events on paper.
Hopefully it lives up to the hype.