Improving MT standup: feet/hips/punching

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by tyrrvk, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Hey all -
    Got some good advice from these boards before, so I thought I'd try again. :icon_chee

    Been going MT for a few months now. My cardio is slowly improving, and I don't feel so completely lost during practices. My standup though could really use some work and I was wondering if there are any drills I could practice or things I could do to help me improve.

    Problem areas for me include:
    Arm punching too much, which in turn stems from the fact that my feet tend to plant, and I don't use my hips enough. Our coach wants us up on the falls of our feet, rotating our hips through, and whip cracking our punches such that as soon as your 1 hits, you whip crack it back to your ear as your 2 passes by from the ear into the target. The idea being that you keep your hands up/protect yourself with your non-punching hand, AND that you generate a lot more power and snap with your hips/core than just pushing your punches.

    I know some of it stems from fatigue - especially on long drills. My form goes to hell. If I am in front of the heavy bag, and practicing I feel like I do a bit better than when I up against someone holding the thai pads or focus mitts.

    Any different thoughts/drills/ways to visual more spring in my footwork, looser hips, and more whipcrack punches? Anything that helped you guys "get it"? I go to practice 3x a week religiously and listen to my coach - I know I suck. I want to improve.

    Thank you.
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    Do a lot of footwork with shadow boxing in your spare time, with emphasis on staying on the balls of your feet.

    Hiking and walking barefoot in the sand at the beach is something I do which helps A LOT.

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