Improve your takedown defense and get killer conditioning in the process


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Oct 9, 2003
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I read an article on the American Kickboxing Academy a while ago and modified an exercise to suit my needs. It helped me big time with improving my takedown defense and conditioning freaks will love my shark drill routine. Enjoy!!!!!!!! :D

After a couple of rounds of grappling (make sure YOU are tired), do a takedown drill called the "wall drill". The way I did it with a group of fighters is, we spilt into two groups (no weight limit required). One man starts the drill with his back to the wall, as another tries to use the wall to get a takedown. Everyone takes their turn against the wall, and faces everyone in the line, for one 30 second "go". This drill has worked well to improve the takedown defense of many of the fighters that have little or no wrestling experience (including me).

We follow the wall drill with a submission combination drill. For example, one man will start with a kimura, transition to an oma plata, and then transition and finish with a triangle armbar combo. With a few attempts by each man, on each side, our drill, and workout comes to an end.

I also let them sharkdrill the hell out of me. I did it like this:

I used Bas Rutten's allround workout SIDE B. I started one minute kicking as hard as I could against thaipads (the one holding the thaipads would let me randomly kick low, middle, high and front kicks) After the one minute kicking, Bas wants you to spar. Instead of sparring, I would stand with my back against the wall and for two minutes I would let two guys try to use the wall to get a takedown (each would go all out for 30 seconds and then take turn). So that way they would start fresh against me while I get more tired. After the two minutes it's kicking the thaipads as hard as can again. After the tape you're dead but you will get killer conditioning AND takedown defense!!!!!!!

If you don't like it you can alter it to suit you needs if you like.
For those of you who don't have thaipads do at least 10-20 full jumping squats in the one minute kicking. They will build your legs big time and make you more explosive.
i do jumping sqauts in my burpee condition. I do 1 burpee, 10 squats all the way to 10 and back down. In the end im crawling to get out of the gym
Can you expand on the "using the wall to take you down" deal. Do you mean they get to push against it with their feet as if they were in the cage?