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Immediate rematches suck


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Oct 23, 2012
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To people calling for an immediate Cain vs JDS rematch, it's a bad idea. If they fight again immediately, no matter who wins, it creates an awkward situation. The loser is still the #2 or #3 HW in the world. Let's say he beats two other guys - he'd then be deserving of another title shot. Then we'd be looking at Cain vs JDS 4! Or you create a situation where one of the guys basically gets stuck because they deserve a shot but no one wants to see it (Maynard, Edgar etc).

Much better to leave a little time between title shots. Let JDS fight 1 or 2 guys and then get his rematch. This isn't about fairness, it's about the longer term opportunities for fights in the division and avoiding a clog of the same 2 guys fighting too often in a short time span.
I agree immediate rematches suck. There should be consequences for losing. The only time I want to see a rematch like that is a really close epic fight with a split decision, a DQ, a draw, or if these are the only 2 fighters left on the planet.
one or two wins sounds about right
I'm a JDS fan, but I agree. He lost fair in this one and it would tie up the division for too long to give him an immediate rematch and there are other interesting matchups for both guys.
i agree - a guy who loses should have to fight a tune up top 6-10 fighter and then a top 1-5 fighter to get back to a title shot.
Rankings have absolutely no bearing on deserving a title shot, everyone should know this by now.
I agree. The only time there should ever be an immediate rematch is if it was a controversial decision
I agree. JDS and Cain are here to stay. They will meet again anyway. But I want to see them destroy one or two other guys first.
I agree. And I don't understand how promoters think it's a good idea at all.

It's terrible for business and for the fighters. Would be much better if the UFC waited a while longer, let these guys rack up a few wins(at least), then if they're really that deserving they'll get the rematch and there will be so much more hype surrounding the next fight. Plus over a longer period of time both guys styles' will have probably evolved and the next fight shouldn't be as predictable and much more highly anticipated.

Like I think the Frankie Edgar situation is dumb. 2 losses in a row, yet he still drops down to fight Aldo. If he actually proved himself in that division first, then a year or so down the line when that big fight does happen it would be so much better for his own career and for the UFC long-term.

The only situation where an immediate rematch should be acceptable is if the fight is an epic, razor close decision or something.
I want JDS to get some confidence back fist. He should win 2 fights before a rematch.
I am jds fan and I agree
jds needs at least 2 wins to get a title shot

let cain beat reem and enjoy the show
Yes, unless there was a controversial 5 round war which should have basically been a draw.

It would be a waist to give both fighters no time to improve and have them fight each other again.

I believe if Junior gets it together he will beat Velasquez convincingly again however at this moment theres only the one punch ko.
Not a immediate rematch fan either esp in a blowout , If JDS had defended the title 4 or 5 times then i could see it coming sooner
There aren't enough real top contenders at HW to keep these guys apart for long. They're going to end up fighting 5 or 6 times. I don't care if the next one is next or in a couple of fights.
I hate auto title rematches. Unless the fight was a draw, you should have to win another fight first.
I agree TS, especially if you lose convincingly. I don't see a #2 guy being any higher than #4 once losing to the champ. You gotta work your way back up.
I agree TS, especially if you lose convincingly. I don't see a #2 guy being any higher than #4 once losing to the champ. You gotta work your way back up.

It's funny, it was only a month or so ago I was having this conversation on here and I had a couple people telling me how retarded I was for thinking someone should drop down lower than number two after losing a title fight. Some people must like tons of rematches I guess.