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I'm Thinking Of Doing Bjj And Joining Local Wrestling Club At The Same Time

I think putting 100% of your efforts in one direction is always best instead of doing a half assed job at both. You may find yourself very disappointed in the results since your peers will be excelling at twice your rate since they are doing twice the work in one particular area. The upside is you will be more well rounded, but if you are just beginning it is often best to get a solid foundation in one activity before moving into new ones.
Agreed. I do both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, but I had almost a year under by belt of BJJ. Not saying I was a legendary BJJ fighter, but I had a good foundation by the time I took up Judo.
Just don't forget where you are at either practice. Results will be dire.
no i have 2 years experiance at grapplers edge in denver (jiu jitsu / wrestling) but i just moved to orange county ca at grapplers edge we spent a lot of time on takedowns but our grappling wasnt as technical as strait bjj. now i want a strait bjj school but i also want the takedowns and ground control that i wont get at bjj school. i dont care if i'm not as good at wrestling as the guys at the club but i wont have a problem hanging with the guys at the bjj club
You have already convinced yourself its a good idea...Why did you even ask?
b0b said:
You have already convinced yourself its a good idea...Why did you even ask?
so some jackoff like you would show up with a stupid reply :rolleyes: