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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by KillerTKO, May 3, 2008.

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    I havent been learning BJJ very long maybe a few months, but i think im doing OK considering i had only ever watched it in practice in the UFC beforehand. Anyways, after learning some basics, such as Armbars from guard, mount, triangle from guard, kimura's, americana's, RNC etc. I have a grappling tourney in a few weeks, my first one at that and I have a few problems which some of you may be able to help me with, I am going to ask my coach as well, but other opinions cant hurt basically my questions are:

    1) When in mount i seem to get swept quite often, im not small but not a massive guy either, im 19 and about 165lbs or something. And i keep getting swept by people. Is there something i can do to maintain my position and give me confidence so i can go for subs instead of worrying about being swept, do i need to keep myself lower to my opponent or should i sit back in mount like you can do in guard?

    2) Now the issue of maintaining mount has come up, can you go through the steps to set up a Triangle from mount i find it very difficult to set it up without help from my opponent such as sitting into it etc. Or could you help me with any other good and easy subs to learn as a basic level submission from mount?

    3) What do you consider the best way(s) to pass guard? I tend to push my elbow

    s into the opponents knees to split the guard and then try and hold 1 leg to the floor with the closest knee meaning i should be able to skip my other leg through. This sometimes doesnt work too well though and i get triangle'd quite quickly because i have an arm out.

    4) A submission i keep being caught with is a kimura by the stronger guys in the class, is there anything i can do when rolling to counteract the strength, such as where to keep my arms and hands when in guard etc.

    Cheers hopefully some of the more experienced of you wouldnt mind too much in helping a relative newbie get ready for his first grappling tourney in a few weeks
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    One arm grabbing an opposite side lapel, forearm across his neck, other arm posts out, keep your weight down. Basic mount position.

    If you can't get stable in mount, you're not going to be able to pull off a mounted triangle, just work on keeping mount for now. Just stick to your armbars, keylocks, arm triangles as well as your gi chokes from mount.

    Triangle waiting to happen, and the elbows in the thighs thing doesn't even work on everyone, generally only noobs. Ask your instructor to teach you a basic pass.

    Be aware of where your hands are. If you post on the mat, you leave yourself open. You should be controlling their hips, put hands on belt and push itno their sternum.

    Just have a good time.
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    1. Mount on the chest, not near the hips, and keep your base nice and wide. You should spread your weight evenly. Keep your base, keep your base, keep your base.

    2. You don't triangle from mount. Armbar armbar armbar.

    3. Quickly. It's important to remember to tuck your head. I'm generally not a fan of the throw-the-leg-over pass. The elbow rake pass works fine but remember that you're really trying to get them on their hip. Once their leg has made decent contact, come through with the knee and slip through. Half mount is a great way to work for an Americana.

    4. Don't get caught. When you roll, a good rule of thumb is to keep your elbows in front of your chest and no more than 3 inches from your body. The further away your arms get from your torso, the less power (read: defense) you have.

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