I'm done!!



I fucked up my knee today you guy's, playing volleyball,
came down on it all wrong and now it's full of fluid.
What a son of a bitch,I can't even walk up the stairs w/out it hurting,
this is the first time I've ever had somthing happen to my knee.
I hate being injurd,
I was going to go surfing tonight,
the surf is about 2-4 feet and fun. Oh well I'll just sit on my fat ass and eat choclate now
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
man that's rough. Maybe one of your friends will fuck up his knee too, and chill with you. That's what friends are for, right?
Thanks guys, butt if you could unscramble my spice channel I think I would be OK!
Hey Shooto, you going to the fights this weekend?
I'm thinking about it, there is a car show in milliani that night as well, so if the wife is up for it we will do it!

Where ya sitting? It's at the blaize right?

And then we are going to the DB-drags at the stadium on sunday morning or afternoon.
Drink up.

Friday night drinking thread just around the corner....

- The Jake
Sherdog is hooking me up with the ticket! I'm gonna meet him there.

U guys should come!!!
So should I just look for the old guy w/ the big white beard(sherdog)
And one big, huge and hard MUTHA, with big guns( that's you)
Come Shooto I know your the man!
What should I look for to know it's you ?
Or should I just look for SHERDOGGY?
Sounds good Shooto! I'll e-mail when the wife let's me know what I can & can not do.:)