Media Ikram Aliskerov/Paulo Costa/Imavov Call For UFC: Saudi Vs Rob Whittaker - Who Should Replace?


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Dec 9, 2023
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Ikram vs Rob would be the perfect choice. In Saudi Arabia as well with Rob already training for the Dagi/Chechen Style.

Imavov is reportedly the Frontrunner According To @JayPettryMMA

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I’d rather see Aliskerov get the fight but he’s supposed to weigh in tomorrow for his fight on Saturday. If he’s actually an option they should get this sorted out quick so he doesn’t have to cut weight twice.

Costa shouldn’t even be in the conversation, he just lost to Rob.
Costa was Whittaker's last fight lol there's 0% chance that happens.

Aliskerov (with a win this weekend) would be my preferred choice but I don't think UFC will want to wait that long & Imavov is more deserving if he is ready to go, so I think Imavov will end up getting the fight.
Feed Imavov to Rob.
Ikram deserves a higher profile opponent. Dude has had people pull out of so many fights he's been scheduled for. If Bobby would take the fight I'd love to see it.
Not Costa

He fought too cautiously against Whittaker, not the old Costa. At least he acknowledged it after the fight and said he would change things.

Then he fought Strickland and was even more cautious in there and said same thing after the fight again..

Fool me once...twice...THRICE!? No thanks