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If you had to pick FIVE BJJ instructional Vids/sets to learn from?


May 3, 2003
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Which 5 instructional videos/sets would you pick if you had to??
I'm wondering if there are any other good instructionals out there that I have missed..

My favs:

Robert Drysdales Nth Dimension Techniques
Marcelo Garcia: Omaplata/Crucifix/Guillotine
Eddie Bravo: Mastering the Rubberguard
Jeff Monson: JiuJitsu Cookbook
i can only speak on the ones i have seen and so far i recommend

cesar gracie's instructional
rey diogo bjj domination
marcelo garcia's instructional (the one that includes the arm drag series)
Any of the Mario Sperry DVDs. A lot of technique and he's one of the few I've seen who shows submission grappling techniques without a gi. (Eddie Bravo does also.)
Yeah, i love Mario Sperry`s stuff. Escpecially the strategies from your back no gi parts
Maia's, Drysdale's, Garcia's, Saulo's. I can't think of any others, I would be happy with just these 4.
Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 6 DVD Set with Saulo Ribeiro
Roy Harris BJJ 201
Marcelo Garcia 4: New Game Jiu-jitsu 6
Braulio Estima BJJ Instructional 2 DVD Set
Stephen Kesting - all of his....
Saulo: Jiu-jitsu Revolution
Straight Blast Gym: Top Side Concepts
Braulio Estima
Marcelo Garcia
Stephan Kesting- I agree that all of his videos are good.
I'm surprised no one added carlos machados dvds

They imo are one of the best instructionals on the market at the moment.
Saulo 1
Saulo 2
Jen's Ultimate Escapes
Tinguinha's Ultimate Open Guard

No question. Tho I ordered Robson's new set and am foamin' at the mouth to see it.
I just ordered Stephan Kesting's butterfly and half guard dvd's. Can't wait to see em!
There are too many to name. Marcelo (the first DVD), Mia, Saulo, Cesar Gracie, Erik Pualson.

I just wish that I watched Damien Mias's instructional when I first started bjj, it would have save me some time to understand some simple concepts I didn't get until later.
I just ordered Stephan Kesting's butterfly and half guard dvd's. Can't wait to see em!

I hate to do this but I didn't like this instructional at all. I like his half guard series much better.
Kestings sets are very good, but they have been getting better over time. His earlier sets are a bit rudimentary. His last set on halfguard was a classic, beautifully done. And he's been working on a leglocks dvd that will doubtless set the bar in that area.

No area of BJJ has less instructional guidance available than leglocks, so I think it's a terrific subject for him.
Daimien Maia has a very technical series out there....
Saulo 1
Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials
Koga: A New Wind (pulled off one of his drop morote seoi at a tourny last weekend)
JJ Machado's BJJ Best of Online Training
Marcelo Garcia 1
Saulo jj revolution
Demian Maia
Gustavo Machado
Maybe Drysdale but i dont watch nogi.
I've really enjoyed Eddie Bravo's Mastering the Rubber Guard. Can't wait for the Mastering the Twister set!