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if you could only take 3 supps......



what would they be?

for me:

1: whey
2: glucosamine/chondroitin
3: fish oil

"i wouldn't take any supps" people can go to hell...lol
fish oil

(wish it was 4 so i can throw in some leucine)
fish oil

(wish it was 4 so i can throw in some leucine)

yeah, i'd tack creatine on there. Luckily I get my glutamine from my optimum nutrition whey, best damn whey out there imo.
1. Fish Oil
2. Whey (or protein blend)
3. Multi or Vitamin C.
does greens+ get expensive?

I take 1/3 the recommended dose, it's not ideal but it's a good way of getting a regular dose of nutrients.

for me it goes:

1. Greens
2. Fish Oil
3 Whey
1. Fish Oil
2. Multivitamin

and thats all i take anyway :p, i eat enough whole foods to get enough protein
Whey protein isolate
Fish oils
1. Creatine
2. Whey

I could live without them but...I feel like I need them now :(
I pretty much only do take 3 supplements. Greens+, fish oil and a multi. I take glucosamine/chondroitin when I need it but it's not a daily thing, used to take whey but now I just try to eat a high protein diet.
1. Fish oil
2. Multi-vitamin
3. St. John's Wort
1. Fish Oil
2. Whey
3. SuperCissus