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If you could give these retired fighters comback fights...


Purple Belt
Nov 7, 2009
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Who would you pick?

Couture vs
Fedor vs
Lytle vs
Sakuraba vs
Igor vs
Gono vs
Florian vs
Lesnar vs
Liddell vs
Genki Sudo vs
Oleg vs
Frank Shamrock vs
Bas Rutten vs
Couture vs Mir (always wanted to see this)
Fedor vs Jon Jones
Sakuraba vs Hughes
Lesnar vs Werdum
Liddell vs Gustafson
Frank Shamrock vs Ken Shamrock
Bas Rutten vs Kimbo Slice
Couture vs Machida 2
Fedor vs Kevin Randleman 2
Lytle vs Matt Riddle LOL
Sakuraba vs Hughes
Florian vs Clay Guida 2
Lesnar vs Timmeh
Liddell vs Rich Franklin 2
Genki Sudo vs Roger Huerta
Frank Shamrock vs kenny shammy
Couture vs Fedor
Lytle vs Gono
Sakuraba vs Genki Sudo
Igor vs Lesnar
Bas Rutten vs Oleg
I'd rather see -

Ken Shamrock vs Tank
Fedor vs Couture
Lytle vs Genki Sudo
Sakuraba vs Wanderlei
Lesnar vs Stefan Struve
Liddell vs Jeremy Horn
Bas Rutten vs Forrest Griffin
Couture vs Fedor
Fedor vs Couture
Lytle vs Kampmann
Sakuraba vs Royce
Igor vs Oleg
Gono vs Aoki
Florian vs Faber
Lesnar vs Carwin
Liddell vs Rampage
Genki Sudo vs Gomi
Oleg vs Igor
Frank Shamrock vs Ken Shamrock
Bas Rutten vs Mr Clean
It's a shame there is not a veteran division in the UFC,would give the older fighters some extra cash,and I'd rather watch randy v Fedor than any women's fight.
Couture vs Fedor
Lytle vs Sakuraba
Igor vs JDS
Gono vs Florian
Lesnar vs Bas Rutten
Liddell vs Genki Sudo
Oleg vs Frank Shamrock
Couture Vs Anderson Silva at LHW.
Fedor Vs. JDS
Sakuraba Vs, Damian Maia