If Weidman & Bisping lose their next fights MW has no contenders lol


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Jul 19, 2012
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There's a strong chance Bisping loses to Vitor. I'm a strong believer that Weidman needs more wins for a shot at the MW belt but there is nobody for him to verse. Dana should entice some of the LHW's to drop down. Shogun, Shad, Machida, Hendo
they should have just booked weidman v. bisping originally that way at least we get 1 solid contender out of the deal...i think most people would agree that one or the other should be next in line but both need another solid win...
Silva is 38 - Fights I would happy seeing Silva in.

Silva vs Lyoto [Never going to happen]
Silva vs Rashad
Silva vs GSP [Doubt it]
Silva vs Bones [I think this will happen, eventually]
Silva vs RMac [If in a few years Rmac has beaten guys like Diaz, Hendricks, Fitch etc built up a huge run and is forced to move to 185lb to avoid GSP]
Silva vs Weidman [In 2 years if Weidman is 15-0, for this one I'd happily have the Spider give up the belt and return to the division later - That would make the fight huge]
Weidman has easily done enough to earn a title shot.