If Liz gets injured.


ʇlǝq ʞɔɐlq
Apr 8, 2007
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What are the chances Liz Carmouche gets injured and is replaced by Cyborg?
She would get replaced by Rogan.
I think people should be worried about what would happen if Rousey got injured.

Oh wait. We then would have a perfect main-event in Hendo/Machida.
I doubt it would happen. It just crossed my mind when I read that Cyborg's debut is going to be delayed.
Any replacement would be a walk in the park for Ronda at this point, so who cares
tate or mcmann would be more likely as replacements.
Or how bout if Rousey gets injured? Carmouche vs. Tate for the Interim Women's Championship as the new main event. PPV buys through the roof!
Mark Hunt please

If carmouch gets injured. Replace with Faber. Nobody will notice :D
I don't know why any of jits top ladies don't call her out. She has zero stand up so they could just grapple her to death without having to worry about strikes.