If glove grabbing were legal could Aikido work in MMA?

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by DanMMAleague, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. DanMMAleague

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    Nov 3, 2014
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    Like any other fringe martial art you would need to be competent in all other aspects.

    Your typical Aikido black belt would get knocked out by a good striker.

    However, if they were solid in all other aspects could some wrist locks and trapping work?

    Also, a lot is made of Seagal declining Van Damme's challenge.

    He did however, break Sean Connery's wrist on a fight on set during filming of never say never again.

  2. CinemaKingdom

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    May 22, 2013
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    Very little of Aikido could be pulled off in a real fight, it only works if someone is just standing there and not trying to hit you

    Because Seagal talked a bunch of smack like always and chickened out when he was called on it.

    So he broke an old man's wrist while showing him a technique on a movie set? He has that little control over what he is doing or just another example of him being a douche on a movie set to show his manhood?
  3. spid3yo

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    No small joints + hand/wrist wraps
  4. coolbreezer

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    But i still love jumping in and giving my opinion ..

    Aikido could work but not in a pro mma fight ..As for as in a street fight ..It depends what you see as a street fight (most self defense type styles systems) only practice technique and forms ..no sparring or simulating a fight only made scenario,s filled with what if some on does that or this ..

    So it,s hard to do it in a fight where someone is prepared and aspects to be hit or attacked ..If your in a situation in a dark tunnel or outside and someone wants to rob you or attack you THAN aikido and other arts of defending could work

    Because a general person will not come up to you and start jabbing and faking shots at you ..he will most likely hold you at gunpoint or hold a knife at you or grap your throat arm tries to knock you out with one punch .. That are all different type of scenarios where aikido could work .

    Lol but in the end you rather of doing some krav maga maybe American-kempo systema jeet kun do or many other self defense systems ..rather than aikido even the Charles nelsons system also has a good system if you he have not heard of him he is a old man now from the bay ridge section of Brooklyn he is also a 30s marine corps vet and teaches hand to hand combat bayonet fighting and several jiu jitsu disciplines he also of course not anymore but there is probably some stuff of him on the net i have his books he also uses some principles of (aikido but very little) and what he called dirty fighting in his system he also said most martial artist who only where oriented in a dojo would DIE in the battlefield and lose fights on the street

    because in my opinion locks and submissions are best done below the waste not above your head with long motions for your opponent to escape off also close to your own body so that your power is behind it ..

    But thats just my humble opinion
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  5. Pacemaker Joe

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    Richmond, Ontario
    Seagal being a douchebag and breaking a 52 year old actor's wrist is evidence that Aikido is useful in MMA? Sorry, but if he didn't have enough sense or control to not to INJURE THE LEAD FUCKING ACTOR, that's a mark against his abilities, not for them.
  6. Bokelj

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    Jul 1, 2013
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    End of the rainbow
    Usefull elements? Sure. As a pure martial art, no

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