If Diaz and Hendricks have to drop out of UFC 158. Who would St Pierre fight?


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Jan 22, 2012
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I know that's a lot of ifs but injuries and fights not happening are common place. I don't think they'll pull St Pierre out of the main event so who do you think he'll fight if these two guys can't make it.
Carlos Condit. I don't think Nick Diaz has ever dropped out of a fight due to injury. Only missing a drug test to set up a fight with Jay Hieron.
Imagine if Silva stepped up - it would be the second UFC event ever to be cancelled.
GSP would destroy Anderson @ 170lbs.

Anderson silva will come in at 178lbs and they will fight at catchweight or anderson will give 20% of his purse to GSP. Is GSP really going to turn down a fight because anderson silva didn't make weight?
marquardt, ellenberger, jon fitch, stun gun, demian maia
Matt Serra. Tie breaker.

I'd actually like Marquardt and I'm sure he wouldn't mind that they've trained together but I don't think he'd take the fight without a decent amount of time to train for it.