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If Bisping loses how bout Belfort vs Okami/Lombard winner?


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Jul 23, 2008
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Since it doesnt look like Belfort will get a title shot if he wins, this fight would def produce a number one contender. Not to mention a possible Belfort vs Lombard fight makes me feel all warm inside. Thoughts?
I'd be way down for Lombard vs Belfort... That'd be a really entertaining fight and someone will get jacked up. It's a little risky for the UFC though because they're trying to build up Lombard as a possible future contender and he could definitely get caught and KOed by Vitor
Whatever gets him closer to a title-shot. :cool:
If Bsiping loses by KO in the first, he will bitch about the stoppage...

If Bisping taps out, he will bitch about it saying "I didn't tap"

If Bisping loses by Decision, he will bitch about it saying "I won that fight"


Dana and Joe will feed him two very favorable match-ups, and put him in yet another, unecessary and undeserving "Title Eliminator"
If Bisping loses there is no way Dana would want him to lose again so they will probably give him someone like Dollaway or Luis Cane, or maybe the loser of Okami/Lombard.