If Bigfoot loses to Overeem he would be 0-4 against the current top 5 and...


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Sep 20, 2012
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... I'm afraid his days as a 'contender' would be over.

TKO loss to Velasquez
Unanimous decision loss to Werdum
TKO loss to Cormier
? Overeem

I've read here many times that people refer to him as a 'top HW' and, like I said, a 'contender' but I would say his next fight against Overeem is his last chance to remain in the mix or at least near title contention. Some people already consider him to be a gatekeeper but I guess a loss in feb. would settle it.

Maybe sometime in later 2013 we'll get to see Bigfoot vs. Roy Nelson or even vs. Kongo to determine who's the Ultimate Gatekeeper in the HW division.

Anyway, rough road in his last 8 fights right? Maybe the toughest, aside from Browne and Kyle: Arlovski, Fedor, Werdum, Cormier, Velasquez and now AO.
I wasn't aware he was a contender...

He's a top ten Heavyweight but contender? Cain, Overeem, Werdum, and Cormier are contenders. Not Bigfoot, Mir, Struve, Hunt, Nog, etc.
He was never a contender. He just got massively overrated for smacking around Fedor.
Even if he beats Overeem i wouldnt look at him like a serious contender. Cain and Cormier obliterated him and JDS is an even worse matchup for him. The slowest HW vs the fastest and most hard hitting? :icon_conf
He got robbed against Werdum.
He is not marketable so he gets thrown through the meat grinder

no roy nelson or struve type fights for him
He's not a contender, but he's a solid top 10 and has a pretty good skillset. In HW, there's such a drop off in overall skill between 1-5 and 6-10 it's crazy.
Bigfoot should retire, drop to LHW, switch camps AND take TRT, all at the same time.
Can you be serious.... he should drop to lhw or mw.

funny sht

bigfoot has legit skills, but hes the classic guy who gets mercked by a faster guy (usually)

not arlovski, but def in cases like cain and potentially junior

but those guys are just ridiculous
It is slipping my memory a bit, but if I remember right I scored it 29-28 Werdum, but I vaguely remember that it was quite competitive

i had werdum winning too but it was super close and no one should complain either way
His chin is a little suspect imo, due to his lack of head movement and defense.

Watch the Kyle fight...

At HW you can get knocked out at any moment, he's got a big target with limited head movement... Takes a lot of shots.
He got robbed against Werdum.

It was a close fight (and a very good one too, imo) but a solid win for Werdum in the end. I've seen it many times and I always only see Bigfoot winning the first round. Nice fight though.
It is slipping my memory a bit, but if I remember right I scored it 29-28 Werdum, but I vaguely remember that it was quite competitive

I had it 10-8 BF in the first, 10-10 in the second and gave the third to Werdum, though i could have the last two rounds mixed up.

I like both quite a lot, Werdum more, actually, but i think Bigfoot definitely should have gotten that nod.

Would love a rematch.
He beat a Fedor that looked worse than he ever has, and any decent HW probably would have beat Fedor at that point as well.

He's barely a top-10.
I think I agree with the gist of what you're saying but I want to mention that I don't think he should b cut or anything if he loses. With so few org's out there, guys like Big Foot are worth keeping around simply because people like him and he's probably a 5-15 ranked fighter.