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If an Alien landed next to you and said - Take Me To Your Leader...

Andrei the giant. They've gotta have time travel right?

If they didn't I'd say Trudeau and also mention he's evil and has a horde of Indians and Somolians that will try to kill you on sight.

They definitely have at least light speed. My Logic is they get there in a second on their ship and after abducting Trudeau they are confused why the leader likes being anally probed.
There's no way they'd believe me.

That space bitch better say please when it is talking to vil7.
Joe Rogan prolly a safe bet he be tellin most of di yute and sum old headz how to tink bro is pretty influential prolly hype up di podcast episode w/sum fake beef Saiyan aliens mad bigoted n gwan crazy Joe ain't never want him on di show, iz dey even real or a alien illusion, area 51 mandem be industry plants dat typa ting den BOOM "omg fam JRE just interviewed a ALIEN fam ting came outta nowhere 🚫🧢🧢 finna rehearse my live reaction video rn aboot to go viral fam" 🗣️👽📠🚫👽🖨️
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