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If Alvarez does join the ufc...


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Jan 26, 2011
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His first first would most likely be in the summer.

Who would welcome him into the ufc, my top 3 picks

1.Cerrone/Pettis Loser

2.Gilbert Melendez

3.Gray Maynard

Won't be Melendez because he's fighting for the title right out of the gate, due to the incriminating evidence Cesar has on Dana.
Would be awesome fight vs Melendez but sounds like Melendez gets a title shot right away. I don't think the UFC will give him a loser considering what they are paying him & he's not coming off a loss. Maynard sounds good to me.
This is now a Jim Miller thread

I think Maynard is a bad matchup for him
Any mention of jim miller yet? That would be a good one.
Its funny to think I can get fired for wearing a jim miller shirt at work.
Where do you work Tyler? The culinary union or something?
Lol Lincoln electronic our biggest competitor is millet welders so anything that says miller other than your nametag is a huge no no. Come to think if it I don't k.ow any millets that work here.