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Jan 5, 2007
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After reading so many posts on here where someone claims that Fighter A is better than fighter B because he has a better win/loss ratio, why not make a change to fight finder.

Fight finder would be much more informative if it listed a fighters ranking at the time of a fight. Or maybe even just a tag next to the fighters name that says "Top 10 at the time"

That way if someone fought a bunch of unranked fighters his entire career and never suffered a loss, the level of his competition would be reflected in fight finder.

Someone with a few losses on his record who has fought numerous top ten opponents could be better than someone with a perfect record who has fought numerous unranked opponents.

Mods, Admins, what do you think about this idea?
What the hell? Come on, doesn't anyone have an opinion on this?
Where people are ranked is way too damn subjective for everyone to agree with. Hell, you're seeing so many people that can't agree that Fedor is #1, or that serra is #1, etc. It's too hard, and not really useful. I'd much prefer having beside someone's win/loss to someone the other guy's record at the time.
I think pretty much everyone agrees that Fedor is top 10. I would be happy with just a notation saying the guy was a top 10 ranked fighter at the time.

Thats it, just top 10. No need to argue who's actually #1 or 2, just if they are in the top 10. That would be much easier to do in my opinion.

It would make peoples records look much more impressive if they fought 80% of their fights against top 10 opponents as opposed to someone who has made a career out of beating cans.
What do I have to do to get a mod or an admin to take a look at this thread? I think this is a great idea that should be adressed.
no one cares. The only forum that would apply to is the HWs and i'm sure you've noticed by now, that place is a lost cause
Agreed. Its not that great or revolutionary an idea
A little too late. I'm sure rankings will follow......

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Association of Boxing Commissions selects official MMA record keeper

For Immediate Release

Kansas City, MO &#8211; The Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) is pleased to announce that they have selected the official Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA) record keeper.

At the ABC annual general meeting last year in Florida a committee was appointed by President Tim Lueckenhoff whose mandate was to interview candidates who would be interested in becoming the official record keeper, and ultimately decide on a viable candidate.

The record keeper would be responsible for maintaining a database composed of factual and verified fighting records as well as fighter suspensions and fighter information. This information is vital to the administration of the sport and goes a long way in increasing the professionalism of the sport.

After months of screening applicants, the committee recently met in Kansas City, Missouri to interview the finalists.

The ABC has selected partners Kirik Jenness and Gabriel Smallman of MMA, LLC. This group is better known for running one of the premier MMA sites commonly known as "the underground" where MMA community members have posted on forums throughout the last decade on various topics relating to MMA.

The partnership between the ABC and both Jenness and Smallman will ensure that accurate records are maintained for years to come, suspensions are documented, and fighters are identified. This is so that Commissions can be vigilant with the safety of all the athletes which is their mandate.
Agreed. Its not that great or revolutionary an idea

How could you say it's not a good idea?

It would be great to look back at a fight in 2001 and know if the guy was a ranked fighter at the time.

The only way someone wouldn't like this idea is if you think it will make a favorite fighter of yours, who's made a career out of fighting cans, look bad.

How about just an asterick next to a guys name if he was ranked in the top ten at the time of the fight. That would tell a lot.
Rankings are subjective and vary depending on who's rankings they are. I would like to see an asterisk denoting title fights though. I think that'd be an improvement.