I'd still call that shocking the world. Bravo, Alex.

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Author, Sep 22, 2013.

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    After witnessing an ACTUAL unanimous decision for FOTY, I have three conclusions:

    1) The confidence Gus displayed leading up the fight was real, warranted, and played a huge role in giving Jones the most difficult fight of his career.

    2) The outcry over the decision is very akin to Shogun/Machida in a sense that you had a fighter who seemed invincible, untouchable even, often coming out of fights unscathed, suddenly look very busted up and battered. I think only the scores themselves are questionable, but JDS hit the nail on the head with his comment. To be the champ, you have to beat the champ. Convincingly.

    3) Gus needs to get a rematch, if not immediate, then one fight away. How hard he trained his ass off, I think he would steamroll Davis today, and most of the division.

    As an aside, if Gus did not have a chin, this fight wouldn't have went the distance. But holy shit does that dude have a chin! Darkhorse greatest chin of all time? I don't know anymore. I was waiting for him to get Roop'd, absorbing headkick after headkick like he was the Swedish Zombie. Same goes for Jones though, he took a beating and kept pressing forward. Got served the first (two?) takedowns of his career. 90% of his own takedowns were stuffed. But he stayed in the fight to steal the last two rounds and secure his crown, so he deserves credit too. Nothing less than amazing performances from both of these guys, I hope they get some unknown bonus from the hand that feeds them, because they deserve it.
  2. Bonged Kiwi

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    Agreed TS.

    So nice to see reason, logic and respect on here directly after a fight instead of the usual rabid trolls and retards.

    I think you're right on all points.

    Confidence is a HUGE part of the fight game. Not only coming in with confidence, and fighting with confidence, but staying confident as the fight goes on. Gus showed this perfectly (as did Wineland in the first round of the co-main).

    The decision was a very close one... so of course, in Sherdogland, this means it was undoubtedly the biggest robbery of all time. It was a very, very close fight, and again, I think you're right about JDS (Florian said the same thing); If it's very close, the champ gets the benefit of the doubt. I actually like this line of thinking. If you want that belt, get out there and BEAT the champ. Don't eke by in a controversial decision. I'd much rather see a champ keep his belt in this circumstance than Gus get given the belt on such a close call.

    This was one of those rare fights where I was left with more respect for both guys. Gus is a LOT better than I (and most people) gave him credit for and Jones continues to display his toughness and mental fortitude. Not only was Gus' confidence impressive, but the fact that Jones, despite losing the first round and not being able to work his wrestling game, still stuck to it, kept going and gutted out the win.

    This was a real, gritty war. The kind of fight where you get to see a fighters soul.

    Both Gus and Jones have warrior souls.
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    Good points TS

    It was a tremendous fight and I was surprised and impressed by Gus.

    Eager to see what he does next
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    U S of A
    Totally agreed. That was like Superman vs Doomsday. Incredible performance by Gus!
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    Post 1 and 2........All True ! Nothing but respect for both guys, Awesome Fight....
  6. Doomer

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    I agree on beating the champ convincingly... from that point it's right that Jones kept the belt. It was close and not enough to become a champ.
  7. SongXIII

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    Jacksonville, FL
    Both guys fought like champions tonight.
  8. Litany

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    Anaheim, CA
    (Sigh), if only all threads on Sherdog were this respectful. ..
  9. Kalmah

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    You mean finish? Because most people agree Gus won more rounds. Fuck that line of though that you need to finish the champ to win.

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